Candice Logan Hollowell Jewelry

Model: Candice BlackBurn
Client: Logan Hollowell Jewelry
Hair and Makeup: Michael Goyette 

10am Hair and Makeup
Venice, CA


Headed to Deep Beverly Hills for Location, Pretty awesome AirBnB
Set up Gear and knocked out about four looks in two hours.
Our Postmates took about hour and half to reach us. :p



Michael Was a Legend at hair and make up, first time having him on set killed it with attention to detail, always watching for touch ups or lending a hand. That put hims down as one of me favorite HMU so far.



Makeup Change after couple of looks with the 50mm Macro, I followed the light from the window to inside another bedroom, then headed outside for some direct warm tones.


After Frequency seperation Edit

Once the lighting got softer, I moved to my main shot. These ending up being some of my most viral photos of the year and was reposted all over social media. I had this idea saved for about couple months in my head.



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