Frankies Bikinis


I met Francesca Aiello at a trunk show back when I lived at home in Santa Barbara as a beginning photographer. I was incredibly nervous at first until to my surprise she came up to me and said, "We should shoot, here is my number."  Since then you may have seen an incredible amount of photoshoots in Malibu just about every week or so along with my selfies that I can sneak in with her in-between shooting. Here is just a sample of the the creations of ClintEastwood & Frankies Bikinis





Sickys World


My friend John set to work in his Malibu garage to create an eyewear
brand that he could identify with.  Using his nickname “SICKY,” John created
prototypes that were bold, distinctive and captured the attention of everyone
he met.  After attending a party in Malibu, the frames quickly became the center
of attention.  Everyone wanted to get their own pair of SICKY’s, a brand that
was only in its infancy. 


Mary Grace Swim





Refined Hardware